Currently Dont have anything for sale at this time till July 18th (Warren County Fair in lebanon ohio) If you want something please let me know!! Thanks!!

I will have lots of litters of rabbits for fair this year at warren county fair in Lebanon, Ohio July 18-24. All Stock Is Fully Pedigreed And Come From Great Lines!! $15.00 +Breeds i am taking doe and litters of are Flemish Giants,Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads ( Don’t Have Pedigrees For Lionheads) Mini Rexs And New Zealands. Various colors all rabbits throw off great colors. 
*Flemish Giants: Sandy and Fawn* 
Pets:$50.00 ( No pedigree For pet) 
Show able Ped Buck:$70.00 
Show able Ped Doe: $75.00 

*Netherland Dwarf: Don’t Know Colors Yet * 
Pets:$35.00 (No Pedigree For Pet) 
Show able Ped. Buck And Doe: $50.00 

*Mini Rex: Don’t Know Colors Yet* 
Pets:$15.00(No Pedigree For Pets) 
Pedigreed Show able Bucks : $20.00 
Pedigreed Show able Doe: $25.00 

New Zealands: Whites 
Pets: $15.00 (No pedigreed) 
Pedigreed Show able Buck: $20 
Pedigreed Show able Doe: $25.00 

LionHeads: Colors Vary 
Prices are For Bucks And does:$45.00 

If you have any Questions don’t hesitate to call im available 24/7. Call to reserve Now cause they go VERY FAST During fair time!! 513-503-8334_ CALL ANYTIME!! Email is Below are some pictures Of my Stock! Thanks for looking!! (all pic dates are wrong, updated within the last month!! ) :)